Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ego - Edge GOD Out

The experience of the "I" is really an energy field. It is reported that people who are quite ill, and maybe have suffered a lot for a long time, sometimes experience a shift. Somehow the old "I" has disappeared and all there remains is a serene, life-affirming presence. It is an enlightenment of sorts. Otherwise we know of people in the spiritual community who report a shift like that for good. That is typically when we call them "enlightened".

The theory of the "I" is a confusing one. The ego, and that is the literal translation of "I" in Latin, can experience love and thus the WAY. Yet, we don't use the expression quite that way in the spiritual community. When we say "ego", we really imply that there is a deluded part of our personality that deviates from GOD when left to itself. Some write e-g-o as "edge-GOD-out" with that concept in mind.

Moses reported a "I am That I AM" experience when he met GOD next to the burning bush. The "I" became the WAY at that precious moment. We can experience the "I Am That I Am" moment in meditation and by interacting with life in the here and now. Thoughts can crowd the WAY out, as can negative feelings. Yet, but accepting who we are, we instantaneously can open up to the "I Am That I Am" moment again. We can't wish away the energy field that is running through us, yet we can express it to the best of our abilities in accordance with the WAY. 

Go ahead, live a little. The only thing you have to be mindful of is not to edge GOD out!

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