Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spiritual Energy along the WAY

Every activity, every event and every interaction comes with energy attached. There is a way the "I" experiences the world, and there is a metaphysical reality that is often quite different. Before we embarked on our spiritual journey we might have read about spiritual energy, the SELF or the soul, in books, but we couldn't really feel or perceive the energy ourself. Is eating meat problematic? How about cursing? What energy vibration does our job have? How about people in our life that we feel wary of?

In the olden days we may have been affected by what society thinks, or by what our favorite spiritual leaders are saying, but all this changes as we walk the WAY. We are suddenly becoming conscious of these energy vibrations outside of what the ego might be perceiving. We also get idiosyncratic messages along the WAY that might be tailored to our soul needs and could differ from what mainstream spirituality is working with. As we increasingly react to the metaphysical energy in front of us we also get more in tune with the WAY.

passionate about                   passionate about
low energy activities              high energy events

 weary about                           weary about high
low energy activities              energy events


You can fill in your own examples, but just for me personally, watching pornography was something I was doing in my prior life, whereas today it would cut into my spiritual energy. An example of passion in a high energy environment would be spiritual writing or hanging out in spiritual communities. An example of being weary about high energy events would be socializing for me. I tend to be shy so I don't enjoy going to events were I don't know many. Yet each time I do go, I get amply rewarded for it. Lastly, a low energy event that I am now also weary about would be eating fast food. Each time I go to Mc Donald's these days with the kids, my stomach turns. I used to enjoy it in the olden days.

A spiritual path requires years of synchronization. It is as if you pick up a new language and get better with every interaction. Life works with us one choice at a time and makes us revisit some events and activities when more learning needs to take place. Eventually all excessive baggage is dropped until we become one with the energies of the WAY.  Is there an observation you would like to share along your spiritual path? Something that others claim is spiritually low energy, but you feel just fine pursing? Or conversely, something that causes spiritual interferences for you even though others believe it is a spiritually kosher thing to do? Just to give you one example. I have stopped eating meat for a few years based on the descriptions of others that it is dense energy, yet I can't observe any real difference in me. Any comments and feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

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