Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When Life's Storm is Brewing

A friend in the spiritual community posted two notes, one of a picture of an attractive body-builder with the message that a Viking should just carry his woman into the bed-room without asking, while the second note stated that she has reached the stage in her life that when someone says the wrong thing, she simply walks out on them. I was thinking to myself that the two messages couldn't be any more opposed. What are the odds that a naked guy shows up and carries you in the bedroom without asking, while respecting and expressing your feelings perfectly at that time? Not that high one would think.

We see a storm raging in Haiti, we see lives destroyed and countless property uprooted, and we somehow have to accept it as part of life. Yet it is. What we call manifestation of nature is really our inner state reflected back to us. The Hindus have Durga Maa, the benign Goddess and protector of humanity, as well as Kali Maa, the Goddess who destroys evil. Both Holy Mothers are revered and worshiped as the same manifestation of GOD. There is much wisdom in this approach. What it tells us is that we should learn to experience life as is without having any opinion on it. The world merely reflects back on the outside what slumbers within. 

Life is, and it expresses the movie for us in its entirety, not  just the conscious part that we want to experience. I had this realization when I reflected on my job as a financial strategist. There is so much meanness, aggression and violence in my line of work, yet there is also love, integrity and heroism. Yes, I could walk out in protest, yet the undigested raw energy inside of me would still slumber there and would find a manifestation one way or another. Maybe hate-mail would suddenly pop up on my blog, or my favorite community would be shut down by some unforeseen events. Who knows, perhaps even a tornado would make its way up the coast to Massachusetts. We cannot escape to experience what is hidden beneath. It is as simple as that.

While have to respect what slumbers inside, we can do something creative with that raw energy. If you go a demolition course in response to it, you will only continue the karma that has been circling around for eons. But if you do something creative with it, like building something professionally, or doing something artistic, perhaps even expressing it in the bed-room, you have a chance of digesting, transcending and finally leaving it behind. With every creative expression of undigested raw energy we become a bit more conscious of what truly happens below the hood. Going back to the two Facebook notes of my friend, perhaps she is enlightened enough that she truly can have it all.

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