Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I am already dead

In my job as a financial strategist I have never seen so much volatility and uncertainty. New policy tools are being aggressively used, political upheavals happen in many places, as well as uncertainties about where exactly our society, and the capitalistic system more generally, is going. To top it all for me personally, our business model is not doing this well these days and my boss stopped talking to me. 

Mm, the odds of being in the position I am in today in a year from now seem rather low, but that doesn't prevent me from putting my best foot forward today and just let whatever has to happen, happen.

I was told that the samurais of the olden days started every day with the mantra, "I am already dead." From there, the day can only bring positive surprises. So why don't you give this hypothesis a try if your head is also spinning these days.

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