Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Purpose and Passion

I was sitting in my office reflecting on my professional direction, as well as that of my group in the firm I am working for. Dark forces had descended in recent months. Our business model is under attack. The fear that grips many has brought out bad behavior. I was sitting there and thought to myself that whether I quit or not, whether I would be thrown out or succeed in style, it will be a beautiful story in the making. I for one wouldn't let go of the standards that I had laid out for myself and others. An expression from the Course in Miracles popped in my head, "GOD will not be mocked ... " but I couldn't remember how the sentence ends so I googled it. As I opened my phone, the time was staring at me in bold letters, 

It turns out, the sentence I was looking for reads, "GOD is not mocked, is not a warning but a reassurance". Well, take it from synchronicity then, whenever there is purpose and passion, GOD is building something beautiful with it.

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