Friday, November 11, 2016

Making it Through the Night

Let the music play,
I just want to dance the night away.
Yeah, right here, right here where I am gonna stay.
All night long.
Let the music play on
just until  I feel this misery is gone.
(Barry White, Let the Music Play)

It is 1:45 am, or rather, just a few days ago, before the time change it would have been 2:45 am, which tends to my regular time to wake up, write a few paragraphs before going to bed again. Yet, the lost hour feels off-putting. In the olden days I would have felt destructive, not knowing what to do on a sleepless night, and not knowing who to turn to. Today, I just accept that I am a little down, browse my favorite spiritual websites and wait for the opportunity to go to bed again. 

I play music and eventually start writing notes like this one. It is in nights like these that you notice that there is a so much karma in our bones that wants to come to the surface, wants to get recycled and absorbed. The trick is to let these energies simply flow through us without getting involved, and without adding to them. A light worker is not supposed to suffer or to sacrifice to help others. We face unpleasant situations but we use the opportunity to let go.  Yet, sitting there and not doing anything while the ego cries murder does hurt.

We spiritual travelers have one edge over the ordinary folks, we understand that our life is like a movie that keeps circling around the same theme. There is progress along these spirals, but a lot of patience is required as well, to sit out the not-so-uplifting energies. Every spiral helps us let go of the old and prepare us for something much grander and better. So today i am just sitting here, waiting, knowing that ...

I think I gonna be all right 
If I can make it through the night.
(Barry White, Let the Music Play)

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