Saturday, November 12, 2016

We are ONE

Life is what it is. Everything is connected. What point does it make to analyze and dissect what is ONE. How futile even to root for different outcomes than what is, life happens as it does. Consider these pairs and outcomes:

emotions and intellect 
body and soul
sub-conscience and conscience 
failure and success
sickness and health 
darkness and light
evil and goodness

I placed the pairs from left to right based on what our understanding would likely rank in importance and preference. Our intellect supposedly towers over emotions; our soul is assumed to be grander than our body, and so forth. Yet, everything is one field. Everything is connected and everyone is GOD talking to us. Who are we then to cut the whole into pieces and then judge and asses the separate parts. Our intellect has no business looking down on our passions. They engage us with life while the intellect merely tries to understand it. Same with body and soul; the body is merely the physical expression of our soul's longings, so body and soul come in pairs as well, at least here in this life-time. 

Sometimes our sub-conscience can understand the things that our conscience can only awaken to. Failure can be planting the seeds for the next success, as well as success can already imply the next failure in the making. Sickness is an alert that something is off, that we have to change our ways to be become healthy and whole. And what is more spiritual, the day when we express ourselves, or the night, when we are recharging and are ONE with GOD? You cannot have the one without the other. So far so good, but what about goodness versus evil? We are spiritual travelers, so we would naturally conclude that light is preferred over darkness, right? 

Shakespeare had the observation that nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so. That is true too, but even within the pair of contrasts, exploring and understanding the "bad" might just be the way to enable the "good". Jung's Shadow Work has brought enlightenment to the spiritual community with this theme, and I wanted to back this idea up with my own shadow insight: in the early days of the AOL and MSN internet communities I participated in the sexual chat rooms, exchanging steamy fantasies with others. When these communities eventually closed down, I tried compensating my missing entertainment by watching porn. However, that was around the time when my spiritual path opened up to me and it became unmistakably clear that following the WAY was impossible to do with these distractions. Yet, I couldn't will myself completely away from the porn sites either, especially not on a sleepless full moon night.

During those dark night of the soul events I learned how much anger, frustration and negative energy there was in me. To some extent the spiritual path only added imbalances as we spiritual travelers always try to be nice, and constantly aim to do the "right" thing. Yet deep inside of me there was a force that cried murder. I had simply not realized how much competition, aggression, and hunger for success and admiration there was in me. So my demon was only pointing out to me - in a bizarrely distorted fashion - what my conscious "I" refused to accept. My super ego was overwriting what was meaningful to me in the name of misunderstood spirituality. When I changed and finally stood up for myself at work and at home, when  I cut all the self-sacrifice out and articulated what I truly wanted, my demon vanished because his work was done. So who can say that my demon is a good-for-nothing? 

We are ONE. Understand it, feel it, and you are HOME.

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