Sunday, November 27, 2016

On the Desire to Forget (Revised)

Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for ME will find it.
(Matthew 16:25)

A spiritual path gives us purpose, meaning and happiness. Society might not always share our notion of "success", but we will be happy reading the story-line we are writing for ourselves. And when we look at some of the supposed "successful" people out there who run after their perceived gold on the horizon while trampling on love left, right and center, we can only cringe. They are "successful" all right in the eyes of society, but their own eyes tell a different story. It is not that they are bad per se, it is just that they are completely mistaken about what life is all about. They will argue that they are playing by the rules, but love cannot be bargained away. It doesn't matter in the end whether their colleagues, friends or family may tolerate what they do, their own soul will make the abuse known to them in time.

They sit on the fence when it comes to ethics and accountability, and may eventually jump to the right side, choosing love over some narrow-minded interests. Perhaps all they really need is just a little encouragement to do the right thing, maybe from someone they look up to, or from someone they truly love. GOD holds no grudge against them, but their our own sub-conscience does. The spiritual wear and tear can be seen in their eyes and their health, but not all is lost. The moment they start doing the right things, the healing process starts. 

Spiritual travelers might look tired on occasions as well, but the moment when life's energies return they look as young and restored as they have always been. Spiritual or not, it is all about whether we have a clean conscience. I had an interesting observation at work one day. Many of the investors I work with do the mission impossible; they operate under tremendous stress. They are always under the gun to perform, yanked around  by events and market forces outside of their control. And yes, give them a stretch of bad outcomes and you will see the weight of the world on their shoulders, but beneath all this they still look remarkably young, and most still keep a sparkle in their eyes no matter what. They have fun out there competing, and they have a clean conscience that they give it all to look out for the interest of their clients. So is not stress per se that is causing aging, it is the conscious or subconscious knowledge that we abuse our true nature that does it.

Many people fear old age and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. What do you think the symbolic meaning of this disease is? It is a way to forget, isn't it? Actually, my hunch is that to the sufferer the affliction is experienced quite differently as the outside observer believes. The Holy Spirit is with them and reinterprets the past for them. No-one has to let it come that far. Along a spiritual path we clean up our loaded past. We are encouraged to revisit prior interactions, re-interpret the past and let go of it. So if for some reason you are afraid of Alzheimer's, you don't need to play the medically recommended memory games, launch your spiritual path instead.

Follow the WAY and quit running after some meaningless goals handed down by your parents and society. The diamonds are where you are, so quit running after the perceived gold on the horizon. No one makes unloving choices unless he is running after some meaningless things. Follow the WAY and let everything else come to you. Your health, happiness and mental sanity will thank you for it!

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