Monday, November 28, 2016

On Energy Vampires

Everything about other people that doesn’t satisfy us helps us to better understand ourselves.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

Certain people suck the energy right out of us, so we just may call them energy vampires. I am told that there are people out there who actively prey on others; obviously, these people have to be avoided at any cost. No, the people that I am referring to in this note are those that themselves don't know any better and who are simply a bad match for us.

Dependent on where we are in our spiritual journey, we may still need plenty of spiritual time-outs, and can only develop in a loving environment. So in these instances as well, it might be just best to avoid these interferers at arm's length. Maybe we can change jobs, assignments, or may just stay as far away from them as possible. We are here to awaken and to discover our SELF, and not to sacrifice ourselves in the name of love.

But then, at a higher level of spirituality, we might just realize that these energy vampires cannot harm us, and that they can only temporarily slow us down. It turns out, when we have the stamina to hang out with them we might in fact raise our spiritual vibrations over time. Energy vampires activate our pain-bodies, and by sticking it out with them we have a chance to let go of our past. Maybe we can re-ignite some passion in our life and bring the perceived trouble-makers to life as well.

Love heals. We can heal all parties involved when we get over the hump. When we bring back to life what has been slumbering inside, our former adversaries will have a present in hand for us. The world is our mirror, and when we adjust, the world we live in changes with us.

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