Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Sacred CIRCLE

You believe that you are your mind. That is the delusion.
(Eckhart Tolle)

It must be a sad existence to be a lawyer, a shrewd businessman or a con-artist. It is their business to think about what we are thinking; to anticipate our next move and outguess us. This might be a fun hobby to have if you play chess or other games, but it is spiritual suicide if it becomes your attitude in life. Life doesn't work that way at all. We are here to awaken to the fact that we are ONE. The WORLD we can awaken to is kind, protective and nourishing. It takes a little soul searching to get to this stage but ultimately everyone can learn to operate in that sacred CIRCLE of trust.

When I am with people I don't think what they might think. I don't cleverly aim to be a step a ahead of other people's moves by already preparing for the next as they are still talking. No, when I am with people I listen to what they are saying. We are each other's mirror of sorts, reflecting what is as at the core of our being and learning from each other in the process. You might fear for my career or my well-being with that attitude, yet in my experience I am well-protected. I act in the sacred CIRCLE. Scheming folks find me utterly uninteresting. It is as if our energies repel each other. I could not exist in the presence of scheming people for a second. Cancer cells would mushroom. 

In that way, spiritual travelers are protected and taken care of. It is as if someone has drawn a magic CIRCLE around them, unable to be penetrated by an evil soul. However, if you are a spiritual traveler who feels that some people constantly take advantage of your good nature, you may still have an adjustment ahead of you in some areas of your life. It's ok, that's what life does for us. Make the change, let go of your outlived nature and move permanently into the sacred CIRCLE.

Spiritual travelers have to work hard like everyone else, even harder sometimes. It is not that we live in Schlaraffenland (the land of Cockaigne https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockaigne ).  No, we also have to rub elbows with our environment, but we know that we shed our old skin in the process. What separates us from the other folks, all the existential angst is gone because we know that we are protected by the sacred CIRCLE. Join our journey and enter a beautiful metaphysical world beyond your wildest imagination. We are smart, full of energy and curious. Where others waste time by observing the behaviors of others and scheming their next move, we have our entire mind open for the next magical moment, and explore the bounty in front of us with the goodwill of a child. 

We are protected by a higher AUTHORITY. Why don't you come and join us in the sacred CIRCLE.

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