Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rebels with a CAUSE

Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do. (Luke 23:34)

We all have energy flowing through us that somehow just is. A collection of dark and light, human and divine, animalistic and angelistic. We carry the choices, mistakes and aspirations of our forefathers, and have to express the energies of our own karma. But instead of considering these conflicting energies our handicap, we might as well perceive them as our mission statement to create something beautiful with. We very much have a choice how to express these energies.

Some forces may be simply beyond us. We may try to do the best we can, but when someone pushes our buttons in some areas, subconscious forces come to the fore and we helplessly go on auto-pilot. It was with this in mind that Jesus, already nailed to the cross said, "father, forgive them for they do not know what they do." The Roman soldiers thought Jesus was just an ordinary scoundrel or a Jewish rebel that they executed by the dozens during those days. The Jewish Rabbi thought they had to defend their religion against an imposter. Pontius Pilate, the perfect of the Roman occupied Jewish land, just gave the Jewish mob and the rabbis what they wanted and let the wheel of karma spin without getting in the way.

While we might be helpless in some instances, we very much have the power to awaken to our spiritual  consciousness in others. We have an awareness, an arbitrator, who can choose how to proceed when faced with life's choices. With GOD or blinded by the ego, for love or against it. The beauty of this choice is that the more life- and love-affirming choices we make, the more the veil of darkness lifts and the freer we become. A spiritual traveler makes it her calling to shine light on the darkness inside, and as we proceed along the WAY, we transform the denser vibrations into finer ones, until one day our energies harmonize completely with the WAY. Yet, you can't will yourself into heaven. Life has a habit of getting the repressed dark stuff out to the surface and this can be painful and confusing. Even we spiritual travelers have to travel sometimes through some dark tunnels before we can see the light. The universe works in spirals of evolutions, not in straight lines.

A missed step along the WAY is part of the package deal. The German mathematician and philosopher Leipnitz once conjectured that we live in the "Best of all Worlds", that is, even the missed step along the WAY is perfectly designed to bring us to GOD on the fastest route possible. So when it comes to our soul development, we live in a "perfectly imperfect world" of sorts. So much about the well-intended or naively missed step, it is an entirely different matter when we consciously or carelessly let go of our GOD-connection. Once we yield to temptation, we give a finger to the force that "edges GOD out" - e-g-o - and it will soon demand our hand. The Course in Miracles writes, "Do not take one step in the descent to hell because having taken one you will not recognize the rest for what they are. And they will follow."

We have a number of these stories of people consciously going towards the darkness. That was the story of the fallen angel Lucifer, who today is known as the devil. Just like a junkie injecting an ever-increasing drug amount, we can In fact get a kick out of deliberately heading the wrong way. The writings and sexual escapades of the Marquis de Sade would be one sad example in that direction. His stories started with dirty porn and sexual abuse of the commoners who worked for him, but it got steadily darker and sicker; hopefully only in his fantasies and not in actuality. To get the same kick out of his sadistic acts, it then became child-molestation, murder and impalement. It is reported that in later years the Marquis de Sade became obese, blind and impotent. Those are classic signs of descending the ladder of humanity, and failing to respond to the warning signs of the WAY to turn the ship around.

When we mistakenly stumble, the WAY will always give us the opportunity to re-connect. If we deliberately shut GOD out, we need an army of Angels to dig us out of the hole we dug for ourself; and they will come once we are ready to ask for help. Jimmy Dean's "Rebel without a Cause" was translated into German, "For they don't know what they do", that is, Jesus forgiving words for the people who nailed him on the cross. A spiritual path is about awakening to the forces that control us. We are Rebels awakening to the CAUSE. If you are a bit intimidated with all the choices at hand, just face life one step at a time. It will bring you HOME on the shortest route possible.

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