Friday, November 18, 2016

The Synchronicity of the Day

I met a colleague from a different firm the other day and we spent our time debating the implications of the Trump victory, which turned out to be interesting given that we were on different sides of the political fence. As our conversation turned to more private matters, he told me that his second boy was on his way with the due date being February 7th. "Oh", I said, "that is the birthday of my oldest son!" He laughed, and added that his oldest son was also born on February 7th, but when the doctor calculated this due date for his second boy - given that it will be a Caesarian - they were in fact thinking of changing the date to avoid having two birthdays on the same day. "Perhaps we shouldn't, maybe it is an auspicious day", he added. Independent of what they will end up deciding, I took notice. I had always considered him as a little too loud, and too aggressive to be my friend, but when the TAO is tapping on my shoulders, I always take a second look.

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