Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Emotions, will and thoughts

When a man is prey to his emotions, he is not his own master.”
(Baruch Spinoza)

Emotions, will and thoughts work well in tandem, but nothing comes of it if they fight each other. Sure, there are times when our emotions require us to take a time-out. And sure, these endless thoughts that pop up to the surface can be nothing but a waste of our energy. But on those days we can just wait patiently for the sun to come out the next day and try again.

Will which clashes with emotions will fizzle eventually. I have seen giants of will-power throw in their towel because they didn't feel the love anymore. No, purpose and passion have to walk hand in hand, otherwise the journey is doomed anyway. And once purpose and passion walk hand in hand, the voice in our head will always fabricate a story that makes it work.

Thoughts are merely expressing emotions more intelligently, while the will enables the life story to unfold. The dance of thoughts, emotions and will-power is merely the editing, adjustments, as well as response to life's ups and downs. Let emotions, will and thoughts figure the movie out together, no one is second-best, everyone needs the other to play along. Together they can literally move mountains to get you to your desired destination.

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