Monday, December 26, 2016

Part Human, Part God

You likely have seen the yin and yang symbol below before, male and female, light and darkness. Dualism can be found all over the world, but there are four elements in the yin and yang symbol: there is a feminine element in every man, just as there masculine side to every woman. Same with light and darkness, or good and evil. No matter how good someone turns out to be, everyone has a dark corner somewhere. And no matter how criminal and evil someone might look like, there is always something good in him.

Same with divinity, GOD implanted a Call for GOD, a VOICE, the Holy Spirit, or simply the feeling of love in us. So this GOD connection is very much part of every (wo)man. Yet, the connection holds the same the other way around. We can also say that GOD is also part of every (wo)man. GOD has created AllThatIs and experiences through us what it means to love and to AWAKEN.

There is a time for GOD, and there is a time to just enjoy being human. AllThatIs enjoys love with us!

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