Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Drive Called Life

Without it, Rome never would have been built,
and Andromeda never discovered,
Without it, a love song wouldn't
arouse this longing within you.
Could there be war without it,
as well as the belief in the next day?
What would be one person
worth to the other, and
where would be the fear of death?

This drive called life
that everyone succumbs to,
is part of the SPIRIT
WHO created you and the whole world.
(Peter Maffay, Diese Sucht, die Leben hei├čt, my translation)

I remember a day around the time when I got my Diploma in Economics, when I told my girlfriend that I was excited about the alternative energy technologies. She provoked me by saying, "If you feel so excited about it, why don't you contribute to the field yourself!" I thought it was an outrageous statement given that I had just invested 4 years in getting my economics degree, and felt that an additional engineering degree was a out of my reach. I have changed though, today I would probably just shrug my shoulders and follow my passions anyway.

There is a SPARK that propels us to unbelievable heights. Everyone can experience IT. We are in part divine and part human and can devote a life-time towards finding, expressing and passing along this divine CONNECTION. I don't regret my decision to become an economist instead of a researcher of alternative energy sources since these days we have giants like Elon Musk who clean up the dirty energy and automotive industries for us. I have found a different SPARK in the meantime, writing, teaching and enabling New Earth's spiritual transformation as one of its many voices.

Everyone has access to the SPARK, and everyone has something to contribute to New Earth's transformation. Create something special with your passion; make a handsome living for yourself and find your spiritual mission in the process. Find the SPARK and express it; nothing else can fulfill you!

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