Monday, December 19, 2016

Evolving Energies

Buddha allegedly once said, "the good things, do them, the bad, don't!" Our entire spiritual journey can be summed up in this single sentence. Yet, it sounds easier than it is, in my experience at least; it takes a while to live it.

Our intellect can help us only so much. The "right" thing seems so easy to figure out, yet, life sometimes blows up in our face while pursuing it. Our passions can lead us astray as we all know, yet, not following them is also suicide. In the battle field called life it is often impossible to say what is right and what is wrong, who exactly is our friend and who is our foe.

We are led through the ups and downs of life like a donkey is led by a carrot. Still, for us spiritual travelers it is a guided tour into freedom. Life encourages us to let go of unwanted baggage, allows us to burn deep-seated passions, and induces us to transform and transcend our repressed demons. Life itself is the best life coach there is, again, if you are a spiritual traveler that is.

A spiritual path reminds me of a spiral. With every iteration we are catapulted into a new phase of our being, with most people and events surrounding us being remarkably similar as before, yet at the same time, we are in a completely different energy field. Ordinary folks could be catapulted back in time, re-living the past as if nothing had happened but we couldn't. The old energies that we were exposed to at that time would literally kill us this time around as we have moved on.

Buddha' s encouragement sums up where we eventually will all end up. It is the natural evolution for every spiritual traveler. The lower energies drop off as the higher energies stream in. People and events come and go to accommodate our spiritual journey. Eventually it dawns on us, we don't have to do a thing, all we have to do is to follow the energy of the WAY.

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