Sunday, December 18, 2016

The White Buffalo Woman (Revised)

I was on my way to a conference room to practice a presentation with some other colleagues. I reached the room a couple of minutes early and I was just about to sit down when I noticed the art on the wall, it displayed a white buffalo. "Wow", I thought to myself, "didn't my sister-in-law just yesterday talk about the white buffalo story?" Unfortunately I couldn't really remember the story so I decided I would just quickly go back to my office and google the expression. I found a story of a white buffalo women who was revered by the Sioux tribe but unfortunately couldn't gather much more as the meeting was about to begin. When I arrived back in the room people had already gathered and soon after our trial run started. All the presenters were male, but we had one woman who had joined the discussion for the first time. She was in charge of the the whole thing though it was the first time that she had actually sat in on one of these meetings. 

As we were talking she quietly took notes but found also enough time to work on some other projects she had brought into the room. As she was looking up towards me I couldn't believe my eyes, there she was, sitting right below the white buffalo painting. It was as if she and the buffalo had merged at that magical moment: 'the white buffalo woman', I thought to myself. It turned out that the group was surprisingly contentious. While this meeting was supposed to be a discussion of our final presentation, some still wanted to make changes and there was even a heated discussion going on what exactly the conclusions of our talk should be. I kept relaxed throughout the meeting and just listened to the suggestions of our moderator. She did everything right, helped us with titles, encouraged us to have different opinions and was even humorous about the whole thing. The white buffalo did her magic in this meeting. It is amazing what power psychological power ancient symbols still have in todays society. C. G. Jung would have enjoyed this meeting very much.

It turned out that this event happened prior to a career change that brought me in closer contact with a new group of investors who are led by her. The woman in question and I were never really close, but the White Buffalo's blessing gave me a new open mind about our interaction. The Course in Miracles says, "Let me know this brother as I know myself." Shouldn't that always be our mindset? This story shows the workings of the WAY quite well, we always adjust flexible to whatever the light shines on at the moment. And as far as the painting is concerned, I have spent many more hours with other investors in that room and always took particular notice when one of the investors was blessed by the white buffalo on that particular day.

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