Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sidestepping pleasure, sidestepping pain

The investment business I am working in is a strange one. Markets go up or down and investors are happy or not dependent on how we are positioned for it. And even if everything ends up going our way, there is always that little voice at the back of the mind that asks, "what if?" It is the truth of the situation we are in that we are after; feeling good or bad about the investment experience at the moment is just an afterthought.

Working in the financial industry has prepared me for my spiritual journey. It is the SELF we are connected to, the ego is just something to be aware of. Aspirations, fantasies, fears, voices in the head and feelings in the belly, everything is experienced second-hand while being connected to the SELF. 

Pleasure, I am happy when you visit me, and pain, I welcome you equally if my soul demands me to let go of something. The only issue that truly matters to me here and now is to be connected to HER.

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