Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Yawn

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. (C. G. Jung)

A colleague had a strange habit, whenever I talked to him about my professional ideas he started yawning in my face. We played that game for a while until I simply couldn't take it anymore. I decided I would change subjects on him whenever he started yawning and sooner or later I figured that my professional ideas were the problem, so I stopped discussing them with him. Instead, we discussed politics, changes in society and technology, everything in short we both felt passionate about. I never saw the yawn again!

It is incredible what subconscious clues we have access to when we really look, even though our conscious would have nothing to do with it. I am sure that if I told my colleague about this observation he would be really surprised. I am sure that his good conscience tells him that my professional insights are important as well. As it turns out, he is not alone in this dilemma. had my own personal insights in what is going on beneath the surface when I developed a mild ear infection a few years ago. One day the boys challenged me to dive in the pool and I first resisted it because I know that I have damaged ear drums from having had many ear infections as a child. Still, I did it and of course developed one, even though it was just subtly lingering beneath the surface, so I didn't do anything about it for the longest time. I am almost glad I did, because it taught me a lesson or two.

I developed the most amazing insights thanks to the ear infection. Whenever I was particularly passionate or angry about something, my ear started smelling. It was as if lava was bubbling to the surface. Once I got the hang of cause and effect this little illness alerted me to feelings about people and situations I wouldn't have admitted to myself. I even enjoyed my little feed-back mechanism such as "Oh, I didn't know that I am that passionate about this subject!", or, "Wow, I apparently can't stand her!". Eventually my wife put her foot down and demanded to put an end to all this. I got a small local dosage of antibiotics and after a few days this affliction was nothing but a distant memory. Still, I am grateful for this eye-opener of how much deeper the subconscious is than we imagine.

Look out for the signs that tell you what is truly going on below the hood. They are everywhere.

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