Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Day I stopped playing the Lottery

My work has over the years become meaningless to me. I have proven to myself that with super-human will-power I can hold my own in the field where the best of the best make their mark on financial markets. Yes, I still enjoy immensely to hang out with my many friends, but friends are everywhere. So a few months ago I started playing the lottery given that there are still a few bills to pay for the boy's education. After all, that is how Eckhart Tolle launched his spiritual career, with a lottery win. If he can do it, why shouldn't I? 

But then, I am in the process of writing my third book, "The Way of the Meister", and realized that many of the spiritual experiments I started years ago still need a little simmering before the meal can be served to my readers. Now is not the time to step away from the professional movie plot in the making, as I still have a few chapters to edit. So I leave the lottery win to someone else. I still have a job to complete.

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