Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Magnificent Connection

Anyone who believes the Big Bang can happen out of nothing, or how trillions of stars and planets could have formed and life could have been created from randomness must be really imaginative. For me it seems pretty obvious that there must be a FORCE behind everything that simply changes forms and appearances over time, but it all originates from and continues to be connected to the same SOURCE.

If you accept this starting point, it is also not a big jump to conclude that this vastness of energy that allegedly was once captured in an object the size of a gold ball is still as connected and contained as in the olden days before the universe was created. So we experience ONENESS in all the busyness of life, and remain connected and embedded in the movement of stars and planets as our astrologers have demonstrated so well. 

When you go out today and hear the birds, feel this connection. When you see changing weather patters, recognize their symbolic meanings for you personally. And when you meet your friends, colleagues and presumed foes, know that they are all your mirrors. The world is ONE and GOD is always talking. Can you hear and see HER?

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