Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Magnificent Five

It was a beautiful summer day and I was talking to me friend and co-author Su Zhen who was on the other side of the planet in Asia at that time. We discussed the shadow aspects of our spiritual paths, and I still had the hope that one day we would write a book on this confusing subject together, so I kept on pushing some points that didn't resonate with her at all. It was Sunday afternoon on my end and my family was watching a movie they really enjoyed. The boys kept asking to come over and watch it with them, and I kept telling them that I would be over in a few minutes, while trying to continue a discussion that had ended a long time ago. It was just that my intellect hadn't grasped that fact yet. At one point Su Zhen simply said, "Just stop!", and it was only then when I realized that I had been on a wild goose's chase. I had ignored the signs of the WAY, the pleas of the boys to watch the movie with them.

The emerging science of psychology was supposedly the culmination of our enlightenment period, the believe that somehow our intellect could be the rational master of our self. We learned a lot since, for example the fact that our body may have wisdom that our conscious mind only can wake up to. Similarly, our feelings might express some of our soul longings that the intellect doesn't understand anything of. And there is another potent instrument of SELF discovery, life itself. We spiritual travelers claim that life provides us with the compass required for our soul-searching journey.

The Magnificent Five are intellect, feelings, body, soul, and GOD's metaphysical world that wraps itself around us to guide us HOME. Be aware of all five dimensions and deemphasize the stuff the voice in your head comes up 

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