Thursday, December 8, 2016

Taking on the Carbs with New Enthusiasm

I had my annual physical recently and my doctor and I had the well familiar fight over my weight. "You are at 209 pounds, your ideal weight is 193 pounds, so why don't you get it down!", he said. I pushed back, "I know my system well, when I am under a lot of stress I need that little extra weight to handle it." He shrugged his shoulders, showing little sympathy with my challenging professional situation, other than saying, "Well you could change jobs, have your tried teaching?" Then he added that he had talked to a fitness trainer and she told him that in order to get the six-packs back in shape, it is as much about the sit-ups as it is about cutting out the carbs. 

Ok, let's start the New Year's Resolution a few days early this year, only this time let me flip the story around. I actually have little problem with the exercise (which I already do) and the reduction in carbs (which I have mastered in the past), let's eye "fitness" as a symbol instead. I am always in top shape physically when I am at the top of my game professionally. Let's simply zoom into my professional goals for 2017 - I am pretty sure the pounds will drop naturally.

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