Friday, December 9, 2016

Soul - the Karma Equalizer

We are ONE. This fact is not that hard to figure out. We can observe in our daily interactions that the people we spend time with are our mirrors of sorts. Once you have this insight for yourself, you are bound to experience a big acceleration in your spiritual ascension process.

Our understanding of the soul is a little confusing. Often people refer to it as our divine connection, our SELF so to speak. Yet, the expression "soul" is also used as a human concept. Our deep seated longings, fears, drives and preferences, etc. The other day someone floated the idea of the soul as a sort of karma equalizer and it really resonated with me. 

If you believe that we are ONE then it has to be true that every missed step, whether intended or not, has to come back to us, just as every loving gesture will come back to us with interest. The concept of the soul as a karma equalizer is exactly that, a storage of memories and subconscious responses of cause and effect, and the soul transforms it into a life mission for the future, as well as trying to express healing opportunities of the past.

You have the opportunity to step out of this movie that for most is a subconscious battle of good and evil. I had a vision of sort as I was entering the fourth seven year cycle at the company I work for. Suddenly the entire movie became clear to me; all the karma contracts, the spiritual connections as well as all the ego trips people, myself included, had been on. Once you reach this level of spiritual maturity you can simply let all the karma contracts unravel without getting caught in it any more. Like the headless chicken that keeps running even though it is already dead. The last dominos are simply falling until all the stored energy has exhausted itself. 

The soul mission is in fact over even though the movie is still playing.To step out of the movie, even though you may still not entirely understand all the moving parts, I would give the piece of advice Michelle Obama gave Hillary Clinton as she was facing Donald Trump: "When they aim low, you aim high". (Too bad for her that she didn't follow the advice despite her saying to the contrary.) Never accept abuse from anyone but use the accumulated energy of this insult and channel it into a loving and creative direction. 

Today is a good opportunity to start cleaning up all the broken China on the floor, and building a vision for the future. Every additional step in that direction brings us a step closer on our  journey HOME.

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