Thursday, January 5, 2017

Afterword: The Way of the Meister (revisited)

It is the fulfillment of our life which should be our aim:
not avoidance of defeat, nor victory, but only traveling on.
(E. Graham Howe)

In my professional journey I have demonstrated that we can bring Christ consciousness into a competitive business setting and discovered that spirituality in our modern knowledge society is an asset, not a hindrance. Modern day economies and societies need communication, collaboration, creativity and care; all fancy words for the good old fashioned HOLY SPIRIT. So I would in fact argue that being spiritual will in fact be considered cool and a comparative advantage in coming decades. The robots will increasingly take over, while we will focus on our human edge, to care to be creative and to be spiritual!

I already discussed the 4 Cs in my first book, "The Magnificent Experiment", and I have made a career out of this concept. In my role as a financial strategist it was essentially my job to bring the individual voices of all the experts together and merge them into something that was bigger than the sum of the parts. Over the decades my different bosses described my role as "wolf", "glue guy", and "emotional center". All I really did was to recognize the power of the 4 Cs and run with it. Just from my personal perspective, spirituality gets you far these days.

I have seen Lao Tzu's never ending interplay of yin and yang at work, while resting safely at the center of life's spinning wheel, and I have certainly heard the Blue Lord's call to accept my spiritual mission and get the job done whether I liked it or not. There were moments of magic, times of despair, and endless hours of hard work to get to this stage, but never did I blame my misunderstood spirituality for my struggles. I lived my story just as you have to live yours. The story line will be probably similar while the individual chapters will likely be quite different. Remember, embracing a spiritual path does not make you any holier than the fellow next door, but it will guarantee a path of love, and "success" that will be meaningful to you personally.

I realized in my journey that life's never-ending ups and downs offer perfect opportunities to let go of the past and launch you to advance to higher energies all the time. The fears, doubts, and baggages of the past burn in the fire of passion.The promise of our spiritual path is that our mission is tailored in such a way that we can let go of everything that is foreign to our true SELF while fulfilling our soul longings along the WAY.

The WAY I have discovered is my personal conversation with GOD, just as you have yours. A spiritual path is a highly unique experience of letting go and transcending the artificial, foreign and spiritually misguiding. It can be daunting to trust the guiding power of the BEYOND but it is really not that hard to get the hang of it. The Course in Miracles famously states, "If you knew WHO walks beside you on the way you have chosen, fear would be impossible." I would certainly echo this sentiment. No matter how insurmountable problems seem to be, there is always a network of friends showing up just in the nick of time to help out.

E. Graham Howe put it well, it is the experience of the WAY that matters, all notions of "success" and "failure" don't even make sense along a spiritual path, only meaning does. Your mission is to find your idiosyncratic mode of interacting with the BEYOND that guides you HOME. That's the Way of the Meister. I hope that my journey can make yours a little easier. Happy travels!

(Excerpts from The Way of the Meister, forthcoming)

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