Friday, January 6, 2017


Don't much like quitters, son.
(John Wayne Billboard)

So you want to be a light worker? Perhaps you have discovered special powers that you want to explore and express? I have been in the light-worker role for a while, and I also have spent enough time with a number of folks who have spiritual talents. I would say that the most important struggle our community faces is a lack of direction and determination.

A spiritual path is mostly inspiring and fun, and sometimes magic, but there are also stretches when the self is still acting up and is minding the direction life takes. We want to quit the jobs that provide income and connections, supposedly because these activities are meaningless. We want to cut ties with family and long-standing friends because we feel we have outgrown them. Well, maybe, maybe not. Rest assured that if after all these adjustments you are left lonely and only see closed doors then you must have listened to your fears, and not your SELF. A spiritual path is the opposite, a journey towards more integration with life and friends.

Know when you have to flexibly adjust and know when you have to dig in your heels a bit. It is not that hard to figure out what to do; the WAY sends you signals all the time. You have a vision of yourself and that is perfectly fine, but also accept when your subconscious sends conflicting messages, and when life tests your convictions. Keep following the doors that open to the spiritual notion you have of your SELF, and spend some time soul-searching when you choose something that is in apparent opposition.

Let your life purpose grow on you. Awaken to the messages of your subconscious and the WAY. Set priorities and adjust them with every decision you take. With all of life's ups and downs you are encouraged to restate your commitments to your spiritual goals all the time, while letting go of aspects that no longer serves you at the same time. A spiritual path is an ongoing personality adjustment until nothing is left but your SELF.

The goal of a spiritual path is to drift along the WAY, not to work all the time. The Course in Miracles famously states, "The ego becomes strong in strive." So if your entire journey becomes an uphill struggle to find God, chances are you are overlooking something. Yet, during the times when the self clouds the SELF, it is necessary to swim upstream. And you aren't quite as tough as John Wayne, no worries, your network of friends and obligations will provide you with the necessary grit. Everyone who has symptoms of awakening has the ticket HOME already in their hands. But on occasions you need grit to claim it!

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