Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Am Your Mirror

When you look down on me, I look like a fool. When you look up, I look like a God. When you meet me face to face, I am your mirror. (Unknown)

Anyone who has kids knows what it means when these innocent eyes look up to us. We appear God-like in their conscious awakening process. Our boys are growing up to be teenagers so I already feel how they fight for their own psychological space, and soon they will be my equals. Actually, they have always been from my perspective, but soon they will be from their own perspective as well.

Same with the other side of the spectrum, the looking down on others attitude. After all that I have discovered about myself in recent years, it wouldn't occur to me to look down on a soul sibling any more. Similarly, I no longer allow anyone to look down on me either. People might ignore me - and many do - but no one gets away with looking down on me! In the olden days, when I didn't know who I was, I would have allowed it. It is like allowing others to include me in their movie plot, assigning me the part of the villain or the servant. But you know what, no-one can force us to participate as we have the right to walk out of their movie set any day and anytime!

This year I opened up to some other spiritual traveler. Some are as seasoned while others are more junior in their spiritual journey. Again, never did I have the feeling to lecture anyone as we all have the same access to the SOURCE. When they had questions I just repeated what I had to learn the hard way myself, repeating insights such as, "find your spiritual mission", or "dig in your heels when the going gets tough", or merely advising to "follow the signs", but never for a moment did I feel like anyone other than spiritual medium.

I am your mirror, just as you are mine. I am your brother and you are my sister. That's the WAY!

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