Monday, January 2, 2017

Life as an English Garden

Enlightenment could be defined as the absence of resistance to what is, the total intimacy with whatever is taking place without any desire to reject and replace it; so intimate that there is no room for a self to separate itself out of the whole. (Rupert Spira)

Anakin Skywalker was supposedly the chosen one who would bring an end to the Star Wars. That was the prophesy that some believed in, while others had some serious doubts. In the end, however, the prophecy was right, kind of that is. It wasn't really Darth Vader who brought an end to the battle of good and evil, it was his two children - Luke and Princess Leia - who completed the job.

How spiritual this conclusion turns out to be! The longer we walk the WAY, the more we understand that life just is. What is up and what is down in a spinning solar system? Who is good and who is evil when viewed from a historical perspective hundreds of centuries later? And what are the consequences of a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon forest? Don't fight what is, accept it, embrace it, be one with it. Yes, sometimes we have to stand up to resistance, but sometimes we are merely encouraged to go with the flow. The WAY calls the shots and we oblige with eyes and ears wide open. Let life unfold as is supposed to without standing in the way, without accumulating karma, and without upsetting the divine order. That art of knowing what to do and when is a spiritual ascendence taught by the WAY.

When I thought about an appropriate title for this note, the picture of an English Garden came to mind. When you try to display the beauty of nature without much artificial intervention, you easily get confused what exactly is weed and what is flower. Nature is beautiful as is, just as life is beautiful as is. Not everyone has an eye for the beauty of this apparent "randomness" but life will be happy to teach you until you see it for yourself.

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