Sunday, January 1, 2017

Purpose and Passion - Your SELF is Calling

The Course of Miracle describes the end of time that can be rolled back very much like a carpet. So we start with the completed life story and work our way back, feeling by feeling, thought by thought, and decision by decision, until we reach the present. So whatever we do today, whatever choices we may take, whatever the voices and feelings may be that bubble to the surface, chances are that our future self is guiding us as we speak.

Why don't you make this theme the corner-stone of a positive thinking philosophy! Write a story full of spiritual purpose that taps into your passions at the same time. Remember though, conscious and subconscious agendas work side by side, so allow life some flexibility to make the story work for you while traveling a different route. There are still some things about yourself that you still have to discover and life's ups and downs help you with that soul-searching process.

For me personally, I had to wake up to the realization of how much professional recognition means to me, even though my spiritual conscience minded this hunger for fame. I had to work extra hard to make sure that I would get rewarded for the excellent work I had done. This was heavy lifting for me personally at a time when I was much more interested in spirituality, but I felt it had to be done to heal the wounded lion inside. But then, once I made the sacrifice anyway, I realized that I could use my extra earnings to build a spiritual community center, and all the hard work suddenly seemed worthwhile.

What story are you writing for your SELF? Aim high, make it a good one, but listen carefully to all the voices and signs along the WAY. Chances are that your future self still has some surprises in store for you!

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