Monday, January 23, 2017

Looking for the Upside in Life's Difficulties

“The spirit loves impossibilities: it simply thrives on them. Impossibility activates it with miraculous energy” (E. Graham Howe & William Stranger. “The Druid of Harley Street.”)

Why do we keep on talking about the Moses experience? The strange occurrence that Moses raises his staff and just in the knick of time the waters part for his people to cross and escape the Egyptian army. Can you imagine how he felt with that burden on his shoulders at the time when he raised his staff?

Life is full of these moments when the going through the tunnel is as dark as it gets, yet, miraculously, thus far at least, we have always managed to get to the other side just fine. The spiritual traveler knows that life presents its problem to help us find our SELF in the process. Life encourages us let go of things and whispers in our ear that we will feel so much lighter once we make it through the storm.

Life can be scary at times, yet we spiritual travelers always have same truth to fall back on, the promise that our journey has purpose and meaning no matter what the outcome. King David's prayer in Psalm 23 starts with "The LORD is my SHEPHERD, I shall not want". That's how the story goes, always.

Why don't you flip the script around from here on; don't despair, don't scheme, just wait patiently what SPIRIT will bring into your life the next day. With an attitude likes that, what is there to fear? Chances are we will travel the WAY, now, today and every day.

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