Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Spiritual Goals

Many claim that they are spiritual these days, many "talk the talk", but not everyone "walks the walk". I don't want to sound arrogant on this point since I spent years soul-searching for the WAY myself. While being convinced of my spiritual agenda, I encountered many unexpected professional and personal struggles, and I certainly had my share of constructive criticism to make adjustments. My family, my friend and co-author Su Zhen, at times even my work, but also the observations that I was not always doing what I was saying which forced me to change course again and again.

When it comes to my current work as a financial strategist I have only one goal, to disentangle myself from it while letting all the subconscious drives and aspirations run their course. I react to other people's energy and am bounced around in an incredibly focused and deliberate kind of way. I thought I was rooting for success, self-expression or recognition, and of course I am, but what really is going on below the surface is subconscious. I am sent on a ride that gets all my personal drives expressed while enabling me to let go of old energies at the same time. Do you know the curious fact that a beheaded chicken keeps on running several seconds after it is already dead, simply propelled by muscles movements that are on auto-pilot? Sorry for not coming up with a better comparison, but that is a little bit how I feel at work these days. On my way out to bigger and better endeavors while letting go of old energies and disentangling myself. How long that journey is likely to take, I simply don't know. It could be months, and it could be years.

Same with the ego; the ego is nothing but a collections of drives, fears, aspirations, memories and conjectures. You can not outguess or manipulate the ego, but you can let him run in a direction that the SELF aims to travel as well. Life is perfectly designed to let us express, outgrow and eventually let go of lower energies, while constantly being encouraged to embrace the new and higher energies.

A few years I would have told you that my ultimate goal is to have that ultimate conversation with GOD; samadhi, enlightenment, the journey HOME, or however else you want to describe this magic experience that brings some of us a little closer to GOD. Today, I focus on smaller things. At the beginning of my "personal bible" (borrowed from Kerry Spackman's "WInner's Bible" in which you put all your visions and aspirations in print) I wrote that every day I wanted to experience a little magic, receive a few messages from GOD's many messengers, experience a little synchronicity, and provide a meaningful contribution to GOD's KINGDOM myself! That's all I want to do every day, and of course GOD grants this birthright to us every day!

Below is my vision for the future once the old drives and aspirations subside a little. Could you establish a ranking of your goals and aspirations as well?


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