Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Choice

A girl wants to put herself on the map in the acting school she has just joined. She plays the part of a daughter who has lost her dad. In the audience sits a former boyfriend who is rooting for his new girlfriend to get that part, so he puts her down in front of the entire class. She keeps going as if nothing happened, but when her crying part comes up she takes one glance at her mean ex-boyfriend and cries, cries and cries. The director of the plot is stunned. Never before has he had a student who played a role as authentically as this girl!

The people we interact with are our symbols, and we are free to choose how to use them and how to interact with our environment. The girl could have chosen hatred towards her former boyfriend, or feel jealousy towards his new girlfriend. She could also have been afraid that this girl would end up stealing her part and she probably experienced all these sentiments. Yet, she accepted everything life threw at her and used her inner sadness as the stepping stone to reach the performance of her lifetime. You always have a choice. Focus on your SELF and leave all other ego energies behind. You may not have realized this yet, but life always gives you the opportunity to make a choice that keeps your SELF as well as the self happy.

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