Monday, January 9, 2017

Ego: Moving ahead with the Team

When we truly observe the voices in our head and the feelings in our belly, it is not that hard to realize how capricious they are, especially when we feel that the environment we are in is shifting on us. It is almost as if we are being bounced around like a basketball, not a random dribble mind you, but rather the targeted passing around of a team of players that want to score the basket with the occasional misses.

We think that we are in charge, but we are not, at least not entirely. Our subconscience also has a say in what happens to us. Call it karma, fate, suppressed desires and fears, or simply unconscious learning opportunities that our soul wants us to experience; fact of the matter is that we are never entirely a conscious master of our destiny. What we can do, however, is to awaken to the subconscious game plan and run with it.

True, it is possible to have a Michael Jordan-style drive where most of the journey appears to be conscious and targeted. This is either the case if the hunger to succeed is out of this world, just as Michael's drive to succeed likely was, or if someone enjoys a perfect star alignment during which the subconscious game-plan entirely aligns with the conscious drive. It is a once in a million occurrence but it does happen from time to time.

The spiritual traveler certainly also has an agenda to get things accomplished, just like everyone else. We also have drive and a hunger to succeed, but we have a very different game plan. We probably rely on our team members more than others would do. We trust the WAY and consequently respect all voices that life confronts us with. The sometimes "randomly" appearing back and forth on the basket ball field is also fine with us. We trust life to know more about our well-being than the voices in our head, as long as we respond to the signals in the right way.

Our journey is the realization that everything we face is perfectly designed to help us succeed on the journey HOME. SHE is in charge and we are HER instrument. Everything else is just noise.

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