Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Razor's Edge

Push my buttons and I quit my job even though I have many friends there. Hurt my pride and I'll get a divorce no matter how much love there is. Yet, I have been with the same employer for 21 years and have been happily married for 19. So why do I succeed despite myself?

The upside of these self-reflections is a lack of judgement. It would never occur to me to look down on someone who got divorced or walked out on a good job in a huff. In a parallel universe this is probably me as well. Isn't it amazing how we live our life avoiding so many of these pitfalls? There seems to be a razor's edge on which we mange to stay with the help of our near-by Angels. We put our best foot forward and the Angels do the rest. The boss who shuts up just in the nick of time before we can do something stupid, or the seducer who shows her true color before we can fall for her, risking our marriage.

Sometimes I think our story has been written down well before we were born; all we have to is to keep our eyes on our goals and keep putting our best foot forward; GOD does the heavy lifting.

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