Monday, January 30, 2017

The VOICE Inside

Goes a word from mouth to mouth,
humanity is the better for it.
For this alone, life is worth living.
(Peter Maffay, Lieber Gott; my translation)

We are massive magnets, attracting everything that is useful, desired or repelling. In short, we attract everything into our life that is meaningful to our soul development. Karmic bonds, our agendas, fears, longings, unknown desires or subconscious game plans. Conflicted and confused how we might be, we attract the folks who help us sorting things out.

There is always a VOICE inside that is our GOD CONNECTION. Everyone carries this VOICE inside and we activate the common BOND whenever we interact with someone. So no matter how good or bad our interaction with particular individuals might be, there is always a chance that the GOD frequencies overlap and that magic happens.

I trust life. I trust the pain and the joy, the friend and the adversary. Sure, not everyone has the best intentions towards us but consciously or subconsciously, everyone who comes our way can bring us a step closer to GOD. Goes a word from mouth to mouth, humanity is better for it.

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