Sunday, January 29, 2017

The God of Creation

I was a graduate student of economics and I had a chat with my room mate who studied Germanistics at that time. We discussed what we would study if we could do it all over and I said to her that this time around I wanted to study psychology instead. She smiled and said if she ever had to go into therapy, she first thing she would do is to ask her therapist what repressed issues got him into this profession. At that time I thought that was rather a cyclical way of looking at things, whereas today I think she probably has a point. Yes, my desire to heal others is basically a subconscious desire to heal myself, not that there is anything wrong with that.

When two people of good intent come together, the SPIRIT does the healing, not science. And both, therapist and patient are transformed as a consequence. That is the reason why we often find wisdom in psychologists who have been in their profession over a long periods of time.

I also have no qualms admitting that an inner depression and existential fear makes me travel my spiritual journey, but I have discovered a GOD of CREATION on it. Problems become opportunities along the WAY. We are taught that if others put stones on our path, we are encouraged to build something with it. And so what if we are looking for peace, love and happiness, the GOD of CREATION states that it is ours as long as we travel a journey of passion, purpose and creation.

The GOD of CREATION is complete when we embrace our spiritual mission.

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