Monday, February 6, 2017

De-cluttering along the WAY

The abilities you now posses are only shadows of your real strength. All your present functions are divided.
(A Course in Miracles)

I had the most amazing wake-up call somewhat late in my career as a financial strategist. The situation I was in, unpleasant as it was, seemed like an exact replica of an occurrence I had experienced some 15 years earlier. New faces had arrived, but the set-up was identical. In both cases there was change, in both cases the pressure was on, and in both cases I was in fact given an opportunity to put my research on a higher platform. The difference was that earlier in my career I did not trust the intention of my boss and my colleagues; yet years later I realized that reality was quite different from what my conspiracy theory had come up with.

So the second time around I didn't waste much time trying to figure out what the agenda of others might be. I just zoomed into my new opportunity set and ran with it. It helped to live through the first movie plot, seeing some of the earlier colleagues leave and enjoying the fact that some other perceived antagonists in fact became my friends. I learned from this episode, so today I let others do whatever they feel like they have to do whereas I only focus on what I can do about the problem at hand.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that everyone is rooting for us. But I am saying that there comes a time in our spiritual journey when we successfully cut out all conflicts and with laser-like focus zoom what is really meaningful to us without being distracted by others. A spiritual path is about cutting out conflicts. As they disappear in the inner world, they vanish in the outer world as well.

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