Sunday, February 5, 2017

Facing Inner Conflicts

“Depression was not an act of God, but an inevitable—we might almost say mathematical—consequence of the balance, or lack of it, of our internal forces.” (E. Graham Howe & William Stranger. “The Druid of Harley Street")

Depression is a lack of vision, an inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many people live a hard life and still manage to be pretty happy; depression hits us when we can't see how to advance.

Inner conflicts are the problem. We want to be nice to the world but we feel the world doesn't like us back. Or we want to be successful but for some reason we never deliver when it is our time to close the deal. Could it be that spirituality, as nice and uplifting as it sounds as a concept, is part of the problem statement? We want to be nice but the world we live in doesn't cooperate. We repress our hunger for success as we find expressing our true needs too ugly to look at for some strange normative reason.

What's wrong with the observation that some people don't care for us? What issue is it to us that their agendas don't include us. We shrug our shoulders and part ways with them. Same with the strange habit of shooting ourselves in the foot just when it matters the most. When we are deep down inside afraid of success, maybe right now is a good time to focus on what is important for us. Let's feel that hunger, that's visualize what is in it for us and just maybe next time we are able to close the deal despite the inner resistance. Spirituality will happily wait for us since once we get in touch with our authentic power it will in fact be so much more real afterwards.

Life heals us. Life makes us whole. Accept these conflicts, face them and make a change. It is painful to override inner resistances but the depth of the depression shows you that there is no alternative to climbing out of the hole.

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