Saturday, February 4, 2017

When the CORE Shines Through

I remember a particularly tough stretch in my career last year when the events kept on going against me. But for the first time I wasn't folding in the presence of overwhelming forces, perhaps only for the simple reason that I didn't have time for taking a professional time-out. So I kept going even though there was something inside of me that was dying. Propelled by the energies of others, I kept my ground until the events turned my way again.

It was a strange feeling at that time. A little like experiencing two states within me, the depressed and beaten up side, and the fighter that kept going despite all the evidence to the contrary. I am not saying that we have to fight everything by the way. Sometimes giving in and simply accepting the depression to take over is also part of life. Instead, I want to highlight that we always can keep an energy flow going that connects us to our SOURCE while parts of us are taken in by some more challenging aspects of life.

Take cancer as an example. Cancer may eat away our body while the GOD CONNECTION stays intact, or even gets stronger in the process. Anger, lust, greed or jealousy, they may be present but no matter how prevalent, we always have the choice to keep the GOD CONNECTION alive. Maybe we have to do special things to center ourselves again like hanging out with precious friends, getting a few good night's sleep, connecting with nature or getting lost in our creative outlets.

I still remember my symbolic gesture from last year when the going got tough. Whenever the pressure was rising to the boiling point, I raised and lowered my hand in response to the prana energy that I felt moving up and down my spine. This was my core spiritual energy that simply couldn't be touched by anything that happened around me. Life happens, we cannot do anything about that, but no matter what, nothing can take our CORE CONNECTION away from us. Let the CORE shine through, always!

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