Friday, February 3, 2017

The Portal

The wheel of karma spins and we spiritual travelers don't get much in the way. The friends who are dealing and wheeling in the ups and downs of life are not much interested in our opinions, but on occasions we can get a word in.

Unknown to many, there are regularly portals opening up that allow us to disconnect from the spinning wheel. We lightworkers specialize in recognizing and utilizing these portals. A spiritual path is essentially an organized lesson plan to unwind the yin and yang of our karmic bonds. By choosing love we are invoking the miracles that simply overwrite what otherwise would have followed with a clock-work's precision.

To the extend that our friends also get these invites to "choose again" we can certainly try to steer them into the miracle-minded direction. Everyone can sidestep the wheel of karma but he has to be ready to choose love despite all the babble in the head to do otherwise. We can lead a horse to the water but we can't make it drink, so to speak. We can remind once, perhaps twice, but we will not bring up the missed opportunity a third time around.

Nothing is final though. This portal will come back after seven to nine years given that life evolves along spirals. So we lightworkers eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to help our friend to change course. Time is a great healer after all.

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