Sunday, February 12, 2017

On Being a Big Boy

"You are just like Donald Trump, a big boy!", my spiritual friend said to me. Outrageous as this statement seemed at the time, in a strange way I could see her point. I consider myself a light-worker, but it is just a story. I am sure Donald Trump also tells himself a convincing story. Who knows, perhaps we both have a point, or perhaps we both delude ourselves. True liberation comes from letting go, from laughing it off so to speak.

Age naturally mellows us down, though Donald Trump is already 70 and he still seems to take himself pretty seriously. I feel in me how the laughter of the past returns. I have mostly outgrown my professional work, though I still probably need a few years to really be able to laugh heartedly at myself. Even my spiritual work doesn't seem to be as pressing as before, more of a hobby really. I see way too many people who fool themselves about their insights and their mission. I hope I can avoid falling into this trap.

Perhaps we can state a spiritual path this way, along it everything matters, yet nothing does. Children live in the NOW. They forget what happened yesterday, and they find "tomorrow" a curious case to contemplate. Hope my friend is right and I am growing into being a big boy.

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