Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Perfect Imperfections

I have been a spiritual traveler for a while now, and share my insights whenever the opportunity arises, but I can't take credit for these insights either; they just pop up somehow. Same with the spiritual initiation process. One day a Higher Authority simply took me aside and said, "So you want to travel the WAY? Well, here is the homework I have for you; do that and I will show you the WAY!" That's all! These days I just follow the SIGNS and life takes me for a ride.

I am still full of ego, nothing has changed here. What I have observed though, life is perfect in minimizing and deflating the ego as we travel our spiritual path. Life perfectly twists, turns, celebrates and deflates us so that we can always be mindful of the battle that is going on inside. Everything tainted by the ego is imperfect, as we all know, but life wraps itself perfectly around us, allowing us to be mindful of everything that is going on inside.

Life can take us for a ride, but our ego can't any longer, mostly that is. Sure, we still have a few missed steps along the WAY when life's battles become too overwhelming but the pain of separation steers us right back to HER. We also have nothing to root for any longer - life just is. If it is our simple objective to walk with HER; all we have to do is to let go and jump right into the busyness of life. Enjoy life's perfect imperfections!

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