Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Lunch Club

Every other day perhaps, our schedules permitting, Su Zhen and I hang out together over lunch just talking on the phone or texting about life. There is no agenda whatsoever; it is an energy exchange of sorts. Spiritual themes come up but not always. In the olden days, when we were still separated by time zones 12 hours apart, I used to get up at 4:44am, which was 4:44 her time in the afternoon. We had ambitions then, perhaps writing a book together, or perhaps building a network of likeminded spiritual friends. Today we have much less lofty goals, just hanging out together is all we really aspire to do.

I remember a cartoon in which a burnt-out CEO type is looking for some spiritual awakening so he travels to India and seeks the advice of a renounced guru who in the picture could easily have been mistaken for a home-less person. After sitting next to him for a while the CEO-type gets a little restless to which the guru/homeless character replies, "No, there is no more to it. Just sitting here and enjoying life, thats all!"

Spirituality is love, period. It is an energy exchange of people who love each other. That's all there is, really! Please come and join us and have lunch with us.

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