Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Writing the Story until it Dissolves

I was browsing the book "The E-Word, Ego, Enlightenment and Other Essentials" by Cate Montana in which she made the well-familiar claim that "enlightenment" is the temporary loss of the "I" perception, but that after a period of experiencing the blissful state of ONENESS, the "I" notion is bound to come back until the next samadhi experience.

Cate made another equally compelling point in her book; she reminded us that the "I" experience is nothing but a story. Very true, and here lies the opportunity for the spiritual traveler. The enlightenment moment is unfortunately beyond us to do something about; it is the GRACE of GOD at work. What we can do until this blessed moment, we can write and edit our story until it dissolves in front of our astonished eyes.

There are so many fears, aspirations, subconscious drives, and obligations, that we all experience in the combined story of our "self". Let's awaken to what is hidden beneath the hood, let's refine what we wish for and what we want to manifest. Let's face our fears, and lets iron out our inconsistencies. Let's not take no for an answer and let's get off our lazy butt to get this job done.

The willingness to write and edit our story is the true opportunity, not to become the "better self" that so many spiritual gurus demand. Let's write a unique and authentic one. Let's find a way to let "self" and "SELF" work hand in hand on the same mission, and let's change course whenever an inconsistency pops up.

One day ONENESS will descend on us, but until this blessed day let's write, edit and revise until the story itself dissolves.

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