Monday, March 6, 2017

All Too Human

In my job as a financial strategist I face many situations I'd rather not be in, the times when others seem smarter and more polished than me; the times when I don't know which way policies will go but my forecasts crucially depend on them; the times when the people I rely on don't do their job properly; the times when markets disagree with me even though the news-flow seems to be going my way; and of course, the times when I am completely wrong!

What I realize in these unpleasant situations, I am not holier than Thou. I have "bad" thoughts. I have uncharitable feelings towards myself and others. I seek to escape from the pain. I realize that there is little I can do about the unpleasant situation I am in except perhaps finding a different job. The one thing I have figured out though over the years, don't act on these low energy impulses! Just accept the restlessness, the hostility, the fears and the desire to escape. Also, don't beat yourself up over being human.

We are a melange of SPIRIT, self and soul, and always will be. Over time we spiritual travelers are drawn to more loving environments. We mostly experience life in the SPIRIT because life keeps rewarding us for weeding out the lower energies from the higher energies in all of our ongoing choices. Still, deep down inside there is always some remaining darkness that needs to be brought to the surface, and life will help us with that. It is good to remember that we are not any different than the brother who comes after us and who may still struggle a bit more with the sorting out procedure.

Conflicted energy can be expressed as greed, desire, lust, cowardice, gossip, back-stabbing and hostility, but it can equally be used as a soul searching opportunity, and as an engine of sorting out the lower energies from the higher. Life always encourages us to find a harmonious choice that works for SPIRIT, self and soul equally. Life confronts us with the lower and higher energies and encourages us to sort them by making the right choices. Life makes whole. Life heals and provides plenty of lessons learned.

It turns out that everything that happens to us - the so-called "good" stuff as well as the "bad" stuff - is is an opportunity to awaken. It is ok to be human. Accept life as it and see where it takes you.

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