Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Message of the Bird

Our self
is obsessed
with becoming
our SELF
(Obsessed, davidWELLENS, Spiritual Networks)

I saw a bird sitting on an electrical wire as I stepped of our house. It was sitting there just like a statue and I was reminded of a story Vivekananda once told of two birds, one sitting on the top of a tree, serene and free of any worry, while the other moved around from branch to branch, picking berries from different bushes; some sour, some sweet.

The bird up there on the top of the tree is our SELF and the restless bird is our experienced "I", moving back and forth from branch to branch dependent on how life treats us. The art of life is to be aware of the SELF amid life's never-ending ups and downs. By being aware of our SELF we can in fact realize the meaningless high we receive after every sweet treat, just as we can manage to look through the sour treatments as well.

Life just is and "I AM THAT I AM" is always at our disposal no matter what. Connect with the holy NOW and be free and serene just like the bird in front of my house.

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