Friday, March 10, 2017

Keep you faith and keep going

Has it ever happened to you that you work so hard to get something - some status, some experience, some promotion, or some precious material things - only to find that it was actually much less meaningful than you first thought? It is fine if you find yourself in this situation one day though; first you have to go after what your heart desires before you can know what truly matters to you. So if you fancy seeing the world right now, do it. So what if somewhere on the Amazon river you realize that you are in fact are as happy at home! We never know how meaningful something is until we have tried it. It is equally possible that travel could be a life-long passion instead.

We all need to explore this world and express ourselves. That's why GOD created it in the first place; a journey to discover our SELF while having some fun doing it. We cannot really know ourselves without getting our hands a bit dirty. This discovery process set us to a journey to the core. Without all these explorations, we cannot really find out what we truly want and who we in fact are beneath the hood. So no time is wasted, even if we take an occasional trip down a dead-end street. Life is colorless without these trials and errors.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get simply stuck with no idea how to proceed. That is ok, too. Let's just accept the situation we are in and discover our lessons learned. So if we focus on learning instead, we will find that every situation is perfectly designed to advance further along our spiritual path. Let's make tough decisions, set up goals, take actions, and doors will open again. Everything life throws at us is perfect from the perspective of GOD realization. GOD doesn't want us to remain stuck, GOD wants us to advance on our journey HOME.

No worries, GOD is always with us wherever we are, no matter how bad the situation might be. Keep the faith and keep going!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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