Friday, March 24, 2017

Money and Attitude

I have been somewhat lazy my whole life. I always felt bothered if I needed to work hard to earn money. I also felt very annoyed if I had to change my daily routine to earn money. So I never bothered much to work hard. Luckily, most of my life things came easy to me. I was always taken care off, but I wasn't rich either. I kept my distance from money and apparently money kept its distance from me too.

Yesterday when I needed to fill out some forms to claim some USD 20,000 dollars, I felt really bothered and annoyed. But then, in the evening an insight came to me, why exactly should I be bothered? I spent a day filling out all the necessary forms and then I can claim USD 20,000! What an easy way to get money. Instantly I feel grateful for GOD's help to support my livelihood with that little effort!

Suddenly, my attitude toward working hard and making money changed. What a great way to share ourselves with the world by focusing on what is meaningful and being determined to see it through. GOD always rewards us for our efforts. We first need to welcome money into our world so it can join us. Today I welcome money into my world and I let GOD show me how to make it happen! God always wishes us an abundant life if only we let Him!

By Su Zhen

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