Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let Go and Let GOD

We have
been GIVEN
complete FREEDOM
the story
we wrote.
(davidWELLENS, EDIT, Spiritual Networks)

Amazingly, our life is nothing but a story! The Law of Attraction folks are right to stress that we should play around with these mental manifestations. With the right preparations and the appropriate mindset we can accomplish whatever our heart aspires. Yet after some years of mental experimentation with these laws, eventually we spiritual travelers would claim that only GOD's mission can truly fulfill us. Everything else we will sooner become stale, and that's where the spiritual journey comes in.

A spiritual path is really the undoing of existing belief sets. You lock into a FORCE and then let go of the steering wheel. There is abundance too along the WAY but it differs from what we set out to accomplish and has very different meaning too. We once ran after status and luxuries but on the HOME coming journey only aspire for love, joy and peace of mind.

Writes the medieval monk Meister Eckhart, "To be full of things is to be empty of GOD. To be empty of things is to be full of GOD." It takes guts and faith and simply "let go" and "let GOD" take care of us, but once we are on the spiritual journey, there is no looking back either. On the first part of this journey we edit the limiting beliefs we and others imposed on us, on the second half we let HER edit away our story of ourself altogether.

Let HER send you on a mind-blowing journey.

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