Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Observe Your Inner Critic

When we let go of fear and insecurity,
we find that which remain are experiences.
Simply experiences to know oneself in another way.
(Simram Singh)

Have you ever been aware of your own observations? Has it ever occurred to you that a voice inside starts complains about some "dirty" or inappropriate thoughts? What do you do then? Have you observed how the train of thought stops, classified away as "bad", only to find that it pops up again sooner or later because the issue that troubles you hasn't been solved yet.

As soon as we start judging ourselves, we stop being aware of what is truly going on inside. The "I" has taken a stance, and the battle of "good and evil" has been decided on. It is our ego that is the attorney, judge and policeman, all at the same time, and we lose a precious opportunity to understand ourselves.

It is hard sometimes to step out of this game of "good" and "evil" because we are afraid. Be curious about yourself and be open to whatever happens to you. Please don’t judge yourself, just observe, and suddenly the inner turbulence passes. Every occurrence is a useful event. Every life episode gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves and life better. When we take this approach, life suddenly becomes daring and fun.

Enjoy this precious life!

By Su Shen

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